I/ O Ttl

Hi everyone, I’m new with Lumina response pads and Superlab, I want to know the applications about the accessory for I/O TTL, how can i use it? :(could it measures response times? Do i need to program all of i/o to configure like input and output? Do i need to use superlab to control this accessory?:confused:

I really appreciate all information that you can bring to me.
Thanks for everything and your time,:wink:

Eliana Garcيa Cossio:)

Hi Eliana,

Output from the Accessory Connector cannot measure reation times. Only output from the serial port can include a time stamp.

You can use SuperLab to produce output from the Accessory Connector. If you are using other software, you can usually program it to send output via the Accessory Connector.

Your question is fairly general. I might be able to provide a more precise answer if you tell me what you are trying to do.



I appreciate your answer now i undertand the utilities for I/O TTL (you give me the best example to understand it, believe me). Now i have another question about how can i synchronize the scanner trigger with the sequences of my experiment in the SuperLab. I know that i can use the scanner trigger for participant input, and then use it as the correct response for an event. But i don’t understand when the number of pulse of trigger is refereed in the experiment, how the systems know when is time to pass to the other event using the scanner trigger.