Help please RB 420 Response pad

I am trying to use an RB 420 response pad with Inquisit software and when I press the same button on the pad repeatedly, the number that is registered in the software changes from time to time, e.g. 8,8,8,12,4,4,4,2, etc. That is the four buttons don’t consistently bring up the same numbers.

I think it might be to do with the settings. I have all the dip switches down and the bits per second set at 19200, data bits 8, parity=none, stop bits 1.

Any help/suggestions appreciated.

p.s. I am using on Windows XP - is that a problem maybe?

Hi Katy,

The fact that you’re using Windows XP is not a problem as far as the response pad is concerned. I would check that Inquisit’s settings match those of the response pad. Beyond, there is really not much that we at Cedrus can help you with except verifying that the RB-420 is working correctly.