Event markers for the stimtracker

Hello, I am wondering if you can help me. I am trying to set superlab up using the stimtracker which is connected to our EEG system. We have had our connection cable made by Neuroprax, which I realise isn’t one of your recommended companies. Apparently there is a way to toggle the stimtracker pins on superlab using the option of a new script. Do you know how I can do this please?

SuperLab can send event codes using the Digital Output event type. On StimTracker, the blue LED light under Marker will light up if it receives the event codes successfully.

Thank you- I’ve done that but how can I set it up to register my EEG system because at present it isn’t

You can tell that StimTracker is working and receiving the event codes when the blue LED light turns on. Unfortunately, we cannot offer support on setting up individual EEG recorders as we have no experience with them.

Thank you for your message Monika. I have received this message from our EEG technician- does it mean anything to you: Yes, I have already looked at the link to the Extra Port and that’s what we’re connected to:
Event marker bit 3 (pin 9)
Event marker bit 4 (pin 21)
Event marker bit 5 (pin 8)
Event marker bit 6 (pin 20)

These were on the recommendation of the SuperLab forum because the TTL output lines (which we originally prepared a cable for) don’t do anything.

I know that the trigger modules are working correctly because I was able to test each one individually using the TMS as my trigger source to the EEG.

So, I don’t think the problem is with the hardware (either the cables or StimTracker), it’s a problem with making sure that SuperLab is toggling the pins that we expect it to on StimTracker. This will be a manual setting within SuperLab somewhere because all of their automatic settings will be for other EEG systems.

Thank you, Natalie

There are no manual settings within SuperLab for StimTracker. You can specify output lines and the pulse lengths under the Digital Output event.