E-Prime events through StimTracker to ActiView


I have recently purchased the StimTracker and am trying to integrate it with E-Prime and my current BioSemi ActiView system. At present, I am only able to access 3 event pins via the StimTracker, resulting in 7 individual event tags. This is fine, but the problem I’m having is with how the events show up in the EEG record. Specifically, when I look at the data in eeglab (with Matlab), I don’t always see the tags I’m expecting. For example, when I send the sequence 3, 1, 2 from E-Prime, I sometimes see the output as 384, 128, and 256, but other times I see 384, 128, and 272 (or 288, or 304). Can anyone explain this variability?

Thank you,

ActiView sees it as 8, 9, and 10 on their end. The highest possible decimal number if all 3 bit (and only those 3 bits) were turned on is 448.