Does StimTracker work with EyeLink yet?


I have an SR Research EyeLink eye-tracker - does Cedrus interface with that device yet? Thank you!


My understanding from talking with someone at SR Research is that our existing parallel port signal adapter already works with their eye trackers.

Do you need dual outputs, i.e. an output to SR Research and another simultaneous output to EEG?

Thanks for your quick response Hisham! Yes sometimes we’ll need dusk output to our eye tracker and our EEG computer, while other times I might be to an eye tracker and a BioPac device. Are the stimulus codes sent via parallel port from the StimTracker, or via fine other kind of cable? I currently use a splitter parallel port cable to send these dual output signals from the stimulus presentation computer to the data acquisition computers. The data acquisition computers expect the signal to arrive via parallel port, but parallel ports have issues in general, which is why I’m curious hire StimTracker does this. Thank for your time! - Hands

James, sorry for the delay in responding. I hadn’t realized that there was a follow up question.

There are two connectors on the back of StimTracker. When you want to interface with, say, a Biopac MP36, we provide a signal adapter kit that is specific to the MP36. It consists of a signal adapter block that plugs into both connectors on the back of StimTracker and provides a single MP36-specific connector on the other side, and it comes with a standard shielded cable that connects the signal adapter to the MP36.

For eye tracker support, we provide dual output support. This is different from splitting the signal. For the SMI and ASL outputs, it’s a round mini DIN-8 connector that provides a more intelligent OR’d output. We do not have an SR Research model yet, but that’s only a matter of building the cable differently.