Does not detect SV-1

We are using an intel-based MAC. We attached a USB/Serial Port adapter to it, and then we attached the SV-1 to the adapter.

The SV-1 detects sounds (the Voice LED blinks) but SuperLab 4.0 does not detect the device.

Has anyone else had this problem?


Did you install the drivers for the adapter? If you select “RB Series Earlier Model Pad” in the Participant Input dialog, does the serial port show up in the list of ports that SuperLab found?

Is it a problem with intel-based MACs?

Hi, thanks for the note on the drivers. Today the supplier put the drivers back on their website.

We installed the drivers on an Intel-based MAC without any luck: the SV-1 device was not detected.

So I tested it on a PowerPC G4: it worked.

So, it’s either the USB/serial cable drivers or the SV-1 that is incompatible with Intel MACs.

Does the SV-1 work on Intel-based MACs?


The SV-1 works on my Intel-based Mac. Did you verify that the port shows up in the “RB Series Earlier Model Pad” section?

I downloaded the installer to your adapter, and the installer package was created 9/12/05, which is before the first Intel Mac shipped (January of '06), so I highly doubt that they are Intel-compatible.

USB/Serial adapter


USB/Serial Adapter

Sorry, I didn’t finish my message.

Which USB/Serial adapter do you use that works with the Intel-based MACs?

It’s surprisingly difficult to find a vendor that sell serial/USB adapters that are MAC compatible.

Too bad there isn’t an adapter shipped with SV-1.


We use FTDI chips inside of our USB-based RB-x30 response pads, and you read about their USB to serial adapters here. In addition, Keyspan also makes USB to RS-232 serial adapters (among many, many other things). From looking at this page, it appears they currently have three different products.

Here at the office, I have the Keyspan UPR-112 Mini Port Replicator (though the USA-19HS is all that is really needed), and I also have the FTDI US232B converter cable.

Both companies offer Mac OS X (PPC and Intel) and Windows drivers.

Problem detecting SV-1

I am having the same problem as JasonIvanoff. The adapter I bought is a Sabrent USC1M which is a Mac-compatible serial to USB adapter. I downloaded and installed the most recent driver from their website. When I checked the Participant Input window for RB Series Earlier Model Pad the only port was /dev/cu.Bluetooth-PDA-sync.

Mac OS X drivers for your USC1M are available here: (from the Sabrent website), but the modification date is 9/12/05. This was prior to the release of the Intel Macs, and therefore the driver does not likely support them.

Go to System Preferences, and then Network. Under the “Show:” pop-up menu, select “Network Port Configurations.” If your serial port does not show up there, SuperLab will likely not be able to see it either.

Considering that the modification date on the drivers is the same as those for JasonIvanoff’s, you’re probably using a similar adapter. I would be worried about support for any device that has been around long enough to support Mac OS 8.6. :wink: