Disappearing String Response Box

I have an experiment where I am presenting a video clip followed by a series of questions. After the video clip, there is a separate event that allows you to either repeat the clip or continue to the questions.

If you repeat the video clip one or more times:
the answer box and “Next” button disappear for the first question.

If you don’t repeat the clip:
the answer box is still there.

I have tried inserting a blank buffer slide but the open-ended response box still doesn’t show up. Has anyone had an issue like this while using video, or suggestions on what could be going on?

Can you please post the experiment? Things tend to get large with videos, so perhaps a smaller experiment containing just one or two videos – just to illustrate the problem.

Also, are you using the latest version of SuperLab? There used to be a bug related to using movies and string input together, but it is now fixed in SuperLab 4.5.2 or later.

Yes, thank you we upgraded our 4.5 to version 4.5.3 and the bugs have disappeared. However, on another note we are having issues with upgrading to 4.5.3 from Superlab 4.0. Is version 4.5 needed for the most recent upgrades?

No, you shouldn’t be needing 4.5 as an intermediate step. You should be able to go directly to 4.5.3. What kind of issues are you having?