Deteriorating rubber feet on RB-830

Hello, I wanted to ask if anyone has experienced the rubber feet on their response pads deteriorating after some time. We consistently clean our response boxes after participants use them with Clorox cleaner/disinfectant, but I would not expect the rubber feet on the bottom of the boxes to deteriorate like this.

We have 3 RB-830’s, and this is happening to two of them. I’ve attached a photo below of one of the two where this is happening. Any advice to prevent this, and solutions to prevent this rubber from coming off on our participants would be greatly appreciated!

We use 3M brand rubber feet, which are supposed to be one of the best. Unfortunately, we are finding out that they dry out over time – certainly faster than we expected or want them to. However, I haven’t seen something as bad as what your photo shows! Perhaps the Clorox is dissolving them?

Please send us an email and we will send you some replacement rubber feet.