Converter USB to RS232

Hi everyone, i’m using a Mac Leopard, so i need to install the driver for USB to RS232, I found on the web this driver PL2303G, but i don’t know how to install it in my Mac. I really need your help, because i haven’t begin my first experiment with SuperLab because it didn’t recognize the Lumina yet (SuperLab did not find the LUMINA nor any other XID device). The led LINK (Controller) is ON, so i think that my problem is with the converter.:confused:

Can you help me :confused:, I really appreciate your help, i received my Lumina and SuperLab today and i want to play with them now :slight_smile:


Eliana :smiley:

Eliana, the USB driver is usually supplied by the manufacturer of the USB-serial port converter. If you have the wrong driver (or even the wrong version), Mac OS will not “see” the adapter and therefore neither will SuperLab.