changing active state of accessory connector

I am wanting to use the accessory connector on an RB-530 device for digital input on three separate pins, and am using Superlab 4.5.

In the online documentation for the accessory connector it states that the device uses active low logic. However, I am finding that all of the pins are ground instead of high, both for general input and reflective modes.

How can I set the device to active low logic?

I could use the active high logic, also, but when I connect pin 7 to another pin it does not register as a button press in Superlab.

I am working in OSX Lion, but I installed Xidon onto a Windows machine and was able to reconfigure the RB-530 Device.

However, one more question I have is that 3 of the buttons will be used on the device and I am wanting to set three of the Accessory pins as inputs. Is it possible to use both the Accessory pins and the buttons on the device? Or for general input are you restricted to using either the buttons on the device or the Accessory pins?

Also, how do you set up the input from the Accessory Connector as a response in Superlab?

I have tried setting the the buttons in the Participant Input dialogue using any of the buttons but none of the input pins will trigger the button responses and there is no other option than the buttons (no input line selection) in the fields under RB-x30 Series Response Pad…

Even though the response pads support this feature, SuperLab 4.5 does not. If you do want to use this you will need a custom program.