c-pod with Superlab 5.0

I am trying to set up c-pod to work with Superlab 5.0. I found the notes about changing the config file from the one used for stimtracker to one for cpod (https://cedrus.com/support/c-pod/tn1712_superlab4.htm).

My question is if doing this swap will mean that StimTracker will no longer work without replacing the original config file, or will the new config file work with both c-pod and StimTracker?

Disregard. I see that it’s one or the other that can be used.

I see that the information suggests that with the swapped config file, you can’t use StimTracker, so I am saving the Stimtracker config file.

Yes. With SuperLab 4 and 5, it’s either c-pod or StimTracker.

With SuperLab 6, currently in beta testing, you don’t need to swap config files.


Dear Cedrus team, we have recently acquired a c-pod for Brain Products USB2 but we are not able to make it work. We have tried to install the drivers for Windows Vista system but then we saw that these drivers are not longer supported. So, in order to know if the device works properly, we tried with another computer with Windows 10 and Presentation software but again the c-pod seems not working. However, the emulated serial port was present in the device manager and the light on the front of the c-pod device was on.We know that is not a problem with the code of our experiment because we tried to send the triggers through the “test” option of Presentation, not through the experiment itself.

Anyway, we would like to use it with Windows Vista and both OpenSesame and Presentation so we want to know if:

  1. The drivers for Windows Vista are working or not, or what “not longer supported mean”
  2. It is possible to set up the c-pod both with OpenSesame and Presentation. As Open Sesame works with Python, we wonder if there is a specific code to set the serial port.

Thanks in advance,