Blue screen of death (BSOD) under Windows 7 64bit

Hi All,

I found a massive problem with the Cedrus response box driver included in the reconfiguration package for 64bit systems. More information and a solution here:

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I replied your comments on Google+, but for the benefit of other forum visitors who may not follow the link, Blacky is referring to the instructions on how to reconfigure RB-x30 response pads that were purchased prior to June 2011. Here’s a copy of my reply:

“On our instructions page that you linked to, the Requirements in Step 1 very clearly state, and in bold, that these steps will work only on Windows XP 32-bit version. And on Windows XP 32-bit, the included driver version number 2.02.04 works just fine. There is no problem if the requirements are adhered to.

Nevertheless, I took your comments to heart and tried to edit the instructions page to include the latest FTDI drivers, but it turns out that FTDI now only provides the setup executable. They no longer provide the individual files (.INF, etc.) and therefore I can no longer update the included driver.”

In conclusion: there is no problem.