Biopac-Stimtracker Adapter Issues

Dear Cedrus,
I asked same question far ago.
That time, I found my own workaround to connecting Biopac STP100C and used it, because I had to start the experiment immediately.

However, Preparing new experiment, I want to make things clear for improve the next experiment. : )

It’s the photo Cedrus sent to me as the response of my “adapter is not working” question.

However, what I received is 37pin to 2x25pin adapter. The photo seems to be 25pin to 2x 25pin adapter.
I tested 37 to 2x25pin adapter with many different 37pin cables (one from biopac, 3rd party one, etc…). but NEVER worked with STP100C.
STP100C is totally intact, and works fine when I connect it to stimtracker’s lower 25pin port with the 25pin cable.

Wold you let me know why my adapter doesn’t works?
or send me the blueprint (line connections) of the adapter, and allow me to build my own with fully shielded…

Thanks : )


The photo does not reflect what the signal adapter should be for STP100C, which should indeed have a 37-pin connector.

The cable that comes with the signal adapter for STP100C may be difficult to insert, but should work. Please see also the StimTracker Interface to Biopac’s STP100C tech support page. Let me know if you still cannot get it to work and we can arrange for a phone support call.