accessing trigger when using XID extension in Presentation


I am using Lumina LU-400PAIR. How can I access trigger code when I use XID extension in Presentation software?

I have trigger cable plugged into Trigger Input port and Lumina is in the “Lumina” mode. After successfully installing the extension I can see Lumina response box in the Response devices, but it shows only four response buttons and no code for the trigger. For some reason in Presentation I don’t have access to the serial port which receives the input from Lumina trigger (I get “access denied” error message).

This problem is not present when Lumina works in ASCII mode and I contact with it through Presentation’s serial port devices section. When trigger is detected I get ‘53’ code.


It looks like we missed the trigger! Sorry. It will be fixed in the next few days; I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

Is this problem solved? It seems that I have the same trouble…

Yes, that omission was fixed back in January. What scanner are you using, e.g. GE, Siemens?

The problem is that the fix is available only as a source code. The installer on the main Cedrus site () is still from 2010. I could not find the compiled installer version from January 2011.

Yeah that’s what i wanted Marek, a compiled installer of the 2011 version.

I’m using a Philips Achieva btw.

You’re correct, the installer was out of date. It has now been updated and includes the bug fixes.