about the extra port

I tried to use the extra port of Stimtracker, which is supposed to provide 5 more event markers, to communicate with Biosemi, It seems that the extra port adds 2 more light sensors input, making the first event bit change from number 32 to number 128 in Biosemi. I have tested the extra light sensors input, and they work. But the event markers 2-8 from Stimtracker seem to be blocked by Biosemi. The marker’s LED on StimTracker’s front panel is on if we send event bit 2-8. But biosemi only receives the first event bit…Can anybody help out?
Thank you very much.

If you are using the Biosemi signal adapter that we provide, you can see all the available signals on this StimTracker Interface to BioSemi’s ActiveTwo page. There is no need to build your own cable.

Hi, we use the 2x25 -> 1x37 adapter provided by stimtracker. By using the default cfg file , if I put event markers 1-3 to high (using python script : win.callOnFlip(dev.activate_line,[1,2,3]), trigger 8,9,10 in active two will be activated respectively. However, event markers 4-8 only work when I put them to low (using pthyon script: win.callOnFlip(dev.clear_line,[4,5,6,7,8]). But all the event markers 4-8 just activate trigger 11 in active two.
Can you kindly help out?

Hi, we have done some tests with the adapter (225 to 137) and the cable (provided by stimtracker). It seems that we cannot have event marker bits 4-6 event with the extra port. See the following for detailed pin assignment. Why the pin assignment is different from what is claimed to be on the website?
Biosemi Stimtracker signal Port Pin
1 Light Sensor 1 Parallet Port 2
2 Light Sensor 2 Parallet Port 3
3 Light Sensor 3 Extra Port 6
4 Light Sensor 4 Extra Port 19
5 Audio Left channel Extra Port 23
6 Audio Right channel Extra Port 11
7 Mic Parallet Port 6
8 Event Marker bit 0 Parallet Port 7
9 Event Marker bit 1 Parallet Port 8
10 Event Marker bit 2 Parallet Port 9
11 TTL output Line 1 Extra Port 3
12 TTL output Line 2 Extra Port 16
13 TTL output Line 3 Extra Port 4
14 TTL output Line 4 Extra Port 17
15 TTL output Line 5 Extra Port 5
16 TTL output Line 6 Extra Port 16
37 GND