Xid mode

We run two batteries of tasks one on Presentation and the other on Superlab,we use the Rb-530 for all tasks. We leave it in the ASC2 mode (the only mode suitable for Presentation). However,each time we start the Superlab battery , we get a message saying that it switches it to the Xid mode and it won’t be converted back. For now, this fact doesn’t interupt our Presentation usage . I was wandering, is it safe to let it convert to the XID mode itself, or will it damage Presentation and I better switch modes between each battery myself instead of letting the computer do it for me?
Thank you,

Hi Doran,

It’s totally safe to let SuperLab switch modes. The error message is, uhm, erroneous. :slight_smile: All the switches do is set the default response box mode when it’s first powered up. The switches are ignored afterwards. After SuperLab switches the mode, you can revert to ASCII mode by unplugging and re-plugging the USB cable.