written RT prompt in a movie

I run an experiment where I display short 10sec movies, and the subject has to answer by pressing a key while the movie is still on.
Their RTs so far are quite long and i want to present a written prompt 1000ms after their response is due, like “ANSWER FASTER”.
There are 2 difficulties:

  1. The written prompt must show up only if the subject has not yet answered 1000ms after the stimulus that appears in the movie, but not if the subject has already given an answer.
  2. The written stimulus must appear for some 1000ms together with the ongoing movie.

If you can give me some suggestions i will very much appreciate that.


The precise configuration depends on exactly what you’re expecting, but here’s the general idea:

Your movie event will be configured to present asynchronously. To do this, in the event editor, click the “Settings…” button in the “Stimulus” tab. In the “Presentation Options” tab, uncheck “Wait for movie to finish playing before looking for input,” and then “Wait for movie to end before ending:” “trial.” This may not be the exact configuration you’re looking for, but SuperLab gives a description of what the various options will do.

Next, you’ll set this event to look for input for 1000ms. You need a feedback to run when the event’s time limit is up. This will present another event that displays “ANSWER FASTER” with a time limit of 1000ms, and it will need to be configured to not erase the screen and to erase the stimulus at the event end.

Configuration beyond this depends on your expectations. If you want to continue to look for input after the 1000ms is up, you’ll need a second event linked to the trial that looks for input. In addition, you’ll need feedbacks that will skip the remaining events and move on to the next trial if the participant has responded. If the participant has responded, SuperLab (with the above settings) will play the movie through to the end before moving on to the next trial.

This is a really quick overview. I hope it helps!