Writing tags to output

Hello! I am trying to alter event tags on the fly and have them write out to the data file. Does anyone know if there is a way to do this? I’ve created the tags and the feedback tag rule. It seems to change the tag on the event, but it doesn’t write it to the data file. Any thoughts?


Mija, using tags at the event level is not recommended. That capability will eventually be removed in a future version of SuperLab. My recommendation is to use tags at the trial level or with stimulus list items. If you are using stimulus lists (most highly recommended), it should be equivalent.


Thanks for your response. I’ve tried it both with tagging events and trials, and it doesn’t seem to work either way. I am using stimulus lists, and we have tags on the items in the list, but there are other tags that I’d like to generate on the fly and have written to the output file. Is this possible or should I just stop trying?


Can you post your experiment?