Working with StimTracker

I have the StimTracker and SuperLab 4.0.7b running on an iMac (Mac OS X 10.5.6). I have encountered two problems that I need assistance with…

  1. In SuperLab, under the Event Editor, I choose “Digital Output” as the event type. However, there does not appear to be an option to choose the StimTracker from the drop-down list of acceptable output devices. What option should I choose here? And, are there any specific settings that I should be aware of when doing so? On a related note, I have not been able to find much detailed information on these device settings in the SuperLab manual (and is there a StimTracker manual of any kind?)… where should I be looking for that?

  2. In SuperLab under the Event Editor after choosing “Digital Output”, there is an option to “Test Now”, which I’m assuming will send a test trigger from the StimTracker device. However, upon pressing that button I simply see SuperLab crash. Of course, this could be a function of not having the correct output device in the list (see #1, above). If so, I assume this problem will solve itself, however I also want to make sure that there is not another known issue or bug that I should be aware of.

Any insight or help with these issues would be much appreciated. Many thanks.

The next SuperLab release, SuperLab 4.0.8, will have the StimTracker in the Digital Output event type. I will contact you directly with additional information.

I’m having the same issue and would appreciate advice for a temporary workaround until 4.0.8 is released. Thanks.