word guess

I was fiddling around with the response collector, and made a brief experiment where the participent is briefly shown a word, then is supposed to type the word they saw, and is given two options (i.e. dusk or duck?)

I couldn’t find out where I could set it to save incorrect responses, but other than that, I think this experiment runs as I envisioned it.


word_guess.zip (2.9 KB)

Did you really intend the participant not be able to see what they are typing?

As long as you have it set to save responses, incorrect responses will be saved. This worked for me when I ran the experiment.

Yes, I had the text box displayed but I felt it would cause confusion where they just had to hit enter, and I don’t think it would be too problematic for them not to see what they are typing. I also didn’t find it aesthetically pleasing. But if it does pose a problem it is easy enough to change the width and height back ot the normal 200x50.

I realize now that what I meant was after opening the data file with the Cedrus data viewer, it shows the input string with what they entered and whether or not it was correct, but in the column “Participant Response” it only shows the correct response, which seemed odd, but I figured I had missed a checkbox somewhere.