Will superlab 4.0 be able to control two displays?


will superlab 4.0 be able to control two displays, with two different contents both controlled by the same machine? Such a useful function was included in a previous version?
Thank you


Hi Steph,

SuperLab does not take advantage of a two-monitor setup, i.e. when setup up a stimulus, you cannot tell SuperLab explicitly which monitor it should appear on. The previous version did not have that capability either.

But what you can do with both versions is specify which of the two monitors the stimuli will appear on. On the Mac for example, you can use the control panel to move the menu bar from one monitor to the othe r. SuperLab for Mac will present the stimuli on the monitor that has the menu bar.


In some ways, it would be more interesting if Superlab displayed stimuli on the display that didn’t have the menubar, KeyNote style.

Greg Shenaut

If you have more than two displays, though, SuperLab would have to ask which display is preferred. We’ll get there eventually.