White Square Washing Screen Out


When I present text visuals, such as my instructions page, sometimes (on a very random basis) a white square will cover either the right or left half of my screen. This square blocks my instructions from being read.

How can I fix this? I am running simple random stimulus lists, so it is not any faulty programming (I don’t think anyways, and it has happened on 4+ experiments of mine already).

I am working with Windows 7 if that matters.


This is in fact a bug in SuperLab that does not happen very often. We do have a few workarounds to hopefully get rid of the white box. The first one we suggest is Disable “Windows 7 Aero” (another name for this could be “Apply the Windows 7 Basic theme”).

Here are two relevant resources:



Another Suggestion:

To stop getting the white box during a running experiment, you should make sure no windows are open on your desktop.

  1. Shutting down running applications can help the problem. However, the SuperLab window itself is a problem, and you can’t shut down SuperLab. If you have a windows folder open, you need to minimize or close it.

  2. If you cannot shut things down, then minimize the windows.

  3. We need to try and get the SuperLab window itself out of the way. You should move the SuperLab window down until it is almost off-screen, but still allowing you to hit the RUN button.

Please let me know which option worked for you.

So you are saying this is just a Windows OS problem?

I build and test my programs on a Windows machine, but I have my students run the programs on Macs. As long as this problem will never happen to them in the middle of their programs on the Mac, I am fine.

Yes, this is only a Windows problem. You will not run into the white box issue on the Mac.