White square outline appearing from behind stimuli

I have an odd problem.My experiment had 3 stimuli presented as 256 * 256 pix squares simultaneously at 3 locations in the screen, -300,0 0,0 300,0
The subject has to chose one of the pictures and respond.The experiment was going fine.
I had to edit a few of the stimuli pictures , which I did.I also cut out the whole folder which contained the stimuli and the sl4 files and then worked on the editing.Then I copied it back to the original folder, so that the path mentioned is restored.
Now, I start the experiment.Everything if fine except, there is, in every frame where there are 3 pictures, the white outline of a square, spanning behind 2 pictures.Some times the outlines spans the left and centre pictures, sometimes the centre and right.
I have NO idea where this square came from.
The whole outline appears on the grey background but disappears at the stimuli that is, it doesnt continue over the stimuli.Also, the square this white outline might represent is larger than the stimuli image squares.
Any idea what this is and how can I get rid of it?
This is pretty urgent as I have a subject come in, in 30 hours.


Sorry, it is a black line outline…the square is grey as i set the background grey…128.128.128

Can you package the experiment (see File menu > Create an Experiment Package) and then email it to me? Due to spam, I’ll send you my email address via a private message (PM) .

I can see the black rectanges now. They start only with trial 233. I was able to duplicate this only on Windows, it seems OK on the Mac. We’ll be looking at this bug today.

Hi Hisham, for me all the trials where 3 images are presented have this square/rectangle.Also, the rectangle changes sides.It started way before trail 233. to be exact trial 104

Bug found, squashed!

Hi, Just a quick note to let you know that the bug has been found and dealt with harshly. :eek: It will take a little longer to build an updated installer and post it. I’ll email you the necessary link. Of course, the bug fix will be included in the upcoming SuperLab 4.0.3.

How do I get the installer? Do email me the necessary link.The old sl4 program will work, right>?

The installer became ready a few minutes ago, I’ll email you the link in a PM.

How’s that for a quick turnaround? :slight_smile:

I am duly impressed…if you can generate random dots and things…you will be a serious challenge to Psychtoolbox…

Extacly, what I’m looking for… can you please email me that I need to get RID of it. Whatever I need to download.

Hope to hear from you real SOON! It annoy me. I already set Norton AntiVirus for mac incase.