'When to present' tab

I’m having some problems with one of my projects. My goal is to present 48 trials, and have a trial repeated if they get it wrong. However, I don’t want it counted in the total correct count, so I want the repeat trials to be marked differently than the original trials. I’ve found a way to do this using codes and kicking them to a repeat block where they have to repeat the trial until they get it right before going back to the original testing block. That works great.
The problem comes in here-- I want the trials randomized once per participant. When they go back to the original block it takes me back to the first trial presented in the block. I tried playing with the “when to present” tab on the trial editor but it seems to do nothing at all. My goal here was to tell superlab only to run a trial if it had not been presented before, with the idea that it would skip over trials that had been presented and only present new trials.
I tried “Number of Times This Trial Has Been Presented is equal to 1”, as well as many other combinations like “greater than 0”, “less than 1”, “greater than 1”… and all the greater thanks and less thans I could think of. No luck. I even tried to do it with codes. No luck.
I guess I don’t really understand what the “when to present” tab does, or how it works. Does it present the trials only when the expression is true? only when it’s false? And why is it not working no matter what I type in?
Along the same lines, when you change a code value, does it stay changed until it’s changed again? Or do the code values reset after every trial? If they don’t change unless you give superlab specific instructions to change again, I should be able to do this with codes (i.e., "only run when the code value is set to ‘not presented yet’) but that doesn’t seem to work either.
Thanks for the help!

This question is probably faster answered over the phone. I will contact you through private message to set up a time.


Thanks much for the phone consultation! For anyone else with this problem, Hisham suggested making a “presented” code with two options “yes” and “no” and then in the ‘when to present’ tab on the trial editor using the expression:
Current trials’ code “Presented” is not set to "yes’
Worked like a charm! :slight_smile:
Thanks again!