What are "clickability settings"?

When opening my superlab5 experiment, I get the following message: “Please edit clickability settings for event “XXX”. It was configured to act as clickable response area 0, which no longer exists.” And then below that is a list of the same message for every single event in my experiment. I cannot figure out how to make whatever change it is requesting in order to make this message go away, although it doesn’t seem to affect running the experiment itself. It seems that this might have something to with the Participant Input settings, but I only have the Keyboard-Single Keys input selected, and the Mouse-Computer Touch screen input (which is my best guess for ‘response area 0’) was never used. Going to the “Settings…”/On-Screen Response…" option for each of the events shows that the “The area occupied by this stimulus represents a response area.” is NOT selected. (these are all RSVP text events).

Any insights welcome.