weird problem with reading AVI files


Something strange happened today. When I tried to make movie stimuli, I discovered thst super lab has stopped offering access to AVI files. AVI is not present in the roll down menu with movie formats (and I remember it was before), and when I click on ‘all files’, and add my avi files to the list, the experiment cannot run. I get the message that the file format cannot be read. Yet, I can run without any problems experiments containing avi files, which I made several months ago when everything functioned. Can anyone suggest what might be the reason for this? Any help will be much appreciated.

(Actually, I had not done anything with superlab for quite a long time and the unproblematic experiments were made on a different computer, so it might be something with the computer itself?)


AVI isn’t available? It should be. We didn’t drop support for the extension.

However, it’s possible that the AVI is in a format not supported by DirectX. SuperLab plays movies directly through DirectX (not Windows Media Player), so any format that has a DirectX plugin will work, regardless of whether the extension shows up in the pop-up menu. For example: SuperLab can play DivX movies if the DivX software is installed.

If, instead, you’re running on a Mac, SuperLab plays movies directly through QuickTime, so any file that QuickTime can play can also be played by SuperLab. Likewise, the DivX software may help you play your AVI file.

Thanks Hank!

I reinstalled DivX on my machine and everything came back to normal.