Way to import ordered list of picture cues?


We’re preparing a cued language switch task where each trial contains a color cue (either a blue or yellow .jpg), a cue-stimulus-interval (either 500ms or 1250ms), and a digit stimulus (digits 1-9). The trials are arranged into a total of 8 blocks, and for each block we’ve used Excel to create a list randomizing and counterbalancing these three factors. My question is:

If I have a spreadsheet column containing all the ordered color cues (e.g. “blue.jpg, yellow.jpg, yellow.jpg…” or “B,Y,Y”), is there a way to make SuperLab import that list of pictures? At the moment, our only options seem to be a) to add each picture file to the cue list individually, following the spreadsheet as we go, or b) to write some external script that recognizes the names of the color cues in the spreadsheet and transforms them into ordered .jpgs in a folder, which we can then import into SuperLab.

We appreciate any input! Thanks.

Unfortunately, SuperLab cannot import external files. You can add the picture files into a folder and have SuperLab import them using SuperLab’s stimulus lists.

This feature is now available in SuperLab 5.

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