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Hi everyone,

I am using a build-in voice key in my experiment. Everything is working fine, I just have one small concern. When I look at the output file with the reaction times (see attached) - it says that the key (Microphone Voice Key Activation) is “released”. What does it exactly mean? Because actually I need to record the time from the beginning of the trial to the voice key activation. I thought it might be “pressed” instead of “released”, but couldn’t find how to adjust it.
I’d really appreciate your help.


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Why is there no reply to my question? May be the way I explained it was not very understandable. Please let me know then.
I guess the value for voice key activation is “released” by default. I just want to make sure before I actually start collecting my data.

Many many thanks to someone who could clarify,

You are correct, it should be not be saying “released” but “pressed”. I have opened a report about this in our bug tracking system. About the “delay” in responding, I think 28 hours to respond is pretty good. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your prompt response! I was just desperate. I am looking forward to knowing how to correct it.