Visual Half-field test?


I am attempting to use SuperLab 4.0 in order to measure cerebral laterality, via a tachistoscopic visual half-field test.

I have reviewed the research on visual half-field tests and there are quite obviously very stringent precautions one must take to ensure that the stimulus on the screen is being presented unilaterally, to either the right visual field or the left visual field.

For example, one paper states that, ‘The middle of each word was centered at a point 4.6 degrees to the left or right (depending on which visual field is being stimulated) of the central fixation…the central fixation cross subtended a visual angle of 1.2 degrees vertically and horizontally.’

How do I replicate this with Superlab? I cannot seem to find a feature that measures visual angles or degrees left or right from center…

Thank you!

There is no way to specify the visual angle in SuperLab because calculating the angle requires knowing how far away the participant is from the monitor. Instead, you can specify positions using the X, Y coordinates. However, this will still take some work on your part.

Thank you. That makes sense. I’m not worried about the work, I’m just not sure what exactly I’m supposed to do to figure out visual angle based on distance from monitor. But I will try to figure it out. Thanks for your help!