visual feedback with touch screen

I am programming a visual search task with a touch screen, where the participant has to touch the couple of the stimuli when the two stimuli of the couple are the same. All the 130 couples are presented on the same screen simultaneously.
I was wondering if it was possible mark on the screen the couple that I have previously identified as target and touched (for example overlapping a tick). There are 20 targets and the visual feedback would need to stay on the screen during the visual search.
Is it possible doing this in superlab?

unnamed1.sl5 (14.5 KB)


Yes, this is possible. I have attached a simplified experiment to demonstrate such a design.

To implement the overlapping tick, you should first create a trial variable for possible tick positions that mimics the different response areas in Participant Input:

Set the trial variable to Manual in the Level Selection tab.

Next, in the event in which the participant responds, select all response areas as Feedback conditions, like so:

The Tick Positions trial variable should be set to the location of the response area clicked. You can see this with the “Top Left” condition shown above.

Last, the position of the tick event should be set to the Tick Positions trial variable. To see this option, open the Event Editor and click Settings… :

Make sure that the tick is presented after the stimuli, or else it will be drawn over and therefore unseen.

See the experiment notes for other details that do not pertain to visual feedback. (24.6 KB)