visual and aural stimuli


Is there an option in SuperLab 4.0 for presenting stimuli simultaneously visually and aurally? If so, how?


Hi Dorota,

What you want to do is described in the help file that comes with the program:

  • Click on the Help menu and chose Help Contents. A help page opens.

  • On the right side of that page, there is a section named How Do I. Click on the link Present a picture while a sound is playing.

If that page doesn’t cover what you need, please do not hesitate to ask.


sound files in Mac

Hi Hisham!

Thank you for your message!

The trouble is I don’t know how to make sound files. Is there a way of recording stimuli directly onto my Mac, and then creating sound files which will be reconised by SuperLab? If so, how? Do I need special software?


SuperLab does not include sound recording. It wouldn’t make sense for us to implement this as there are a good number of very good sound recording and editing programs for both Macs and PCs, some of them even free.

When creating sound files for use in SuperLab for Mac, we recommend that you use AIFF or WAV file formats. Because of the way that they are presented in SuperLab using the new Audio File event type introduced in SuperLab 4.0.2, they provide you with the best timing resolution.

visual and sound stimuli

Thank you, Hisham!


Does SuperLab have any plans to include as an input type a sound recording of the user speaking?

For instance, if presented with a word on the screen, is there any way to configure SuperLab so that the audio input from the participant is recorded for later analysis? The “Microphone Input” under the participant input options doesn’t seem to be able to record of the audio response. Is there any way to do this?

Sorry… please disregard my question. I came across another post where you made it clear that SuperLab does not support any type of audio recording. Thanks!