viewing data: "count" column appears one line below the "error code" column

Hello everyone,

As I am looking at my data files, I am wondering why data in my “correct response count” column appear one row below the corresponding “trial name” and “error code” column.I would have expected it to appear on the same line.
I am attaching a sample file for more clarity.

What should I fix in my experiment?
Or maybe that is just normal?

Many thanks in advance!

001 exemple.txt (3.38 KB)

I do not see a column header labeled, “Correct Response Count”. And it doesn’t seem like any columns have empty cells. The data file you’ve attached is for the “#2 IF PI SI Experiment”. Are you sure this is the correct data file in question?

If so, please clarify your issue a bit more.

follow up

Hi Arman,
Sorry, the problematic column is “pretest correct count” (and pretest collection).
I am attaching a screenshot. I hope that helps.
Thank you!

I see. To answer your question, yes it is normal. If your counter is incremented at the end of an event, then the new value will correspond with the next event rather than the one that just ended. Just as if you increment a counter at the end of a trial, the new value will correspond to the new trial rather than the one that has just ended.

Thank you, Arman!