video displaying in different dimensions

I’m having difficulty getting videos to display in their appropriate dimensions. I have 2 videos in my experiment, but neither is displaying properly. Both videos are .avi. I’ve attempted to select the option “use original picture frame”, but it dsiplays the video in an altered dimension with the videos being narrower than they should be. I’ve also attempted to display them by specifying the correct sizes and also by letting them be displayed full screen, but all it does is make them larger while keeping the incorrect aspect ratio. Any “extra” space in the designated dimensions is filled with black. Any advice? Attached is the .sl4 file and a zip folder containing the 2 videos. Thanks!

rapport&ID sim rating v1.sl4 (25.9 KB) (47.3 MB)

Does this happen when you preview the video within the Event Editor? For both videos when using “use original picture frame” it displays like it does in Windows Media Player. Can you tell me what version of SuperLab you are using?

Hi Monika. Yes, the video displays the same (improper) way when displayed in the event editor. When I play using WMP or VLC media player, they display properly. We’re using SuperLab version 4.5.

We tried replicating the issue using SuperLab version 4.5.4 and windows 7. We were not able to see any distortions.

What is the exact SuperLab version you are using? You can find this by going to the Help menu and choosing About SuperLab. Also, what is the version of windows your running?

Do you think you can send your experiment as an Experiment Package? I just want to make sure we have the same exact movie files you are seeing. This is found under the File menu within SuperLab.