Very slow string responses


Further to my post yesterday I have now worked out out to use both single key and string responses - yea! However, when I run my experiment and get to the part where the participant has to type is their response, it doesn’t type properly. When I press a key the letter is sticky and doesn’t appear for some time meaning that it’s impossible to type a sentence. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Also, how do I end a string response? There is no correct answer, and to end after ANY response would mean they wouldn’t have time to type anything, so the only reasonable way is to set a time limit, but what if they a) haven’t finished typing (if it’s a long answer) by the end of the time limit, or, b) if they answer too quickly, they will be sitting there unable to move on. Any ideas?


Under Participant Input for both Single Key and String Input, select the Options tab. For Single Key, under Look for Single Key Response From Participants, select Only if an event designates a single key response as correct. For String Input, select Only if an even designates a string input as correct. Then, click on the Response Completion tab. Here you can edit how you want the event to end. It can end after typing inactivity, after a certain amount of characters have been entered or participants can click a “Next” button.