Version 4.0.3c


In my laboratory, we use the version 4.0.3c of superlab.
The licence is installed on a pc. But we have to move the licence to another pc, the 4.0.3c version, because all our programs have been done on version 4.0.3c.

I tried to move the licence by installing the 4.0.6 demo, the one who is on the net, but ours programs don’t work.
So that, I need the demo 4.0.3c to use my programms. How can I do to have this version of the demo?

(ecxuse my french!)

Thanks a lot!

So, I search it, but it see that it’s not possible to have the version 4.0.3c of superlab? :frowning:

I’ve uploaded the Windows installer here: