Varying Trial Levels

Hello all,

I apologize for this question which will most likely be really primitive.

How do I go about varying items presented in a trial?

The experiment I am making is separated into three levels (3 items presented, 5 items, and 8 items). Within these three levels it should be randomized so that everyone has an equal chance of being exposed to each level.

Sorry if this is a really silly question.


For the case of the first level, are you wanting to present 3 out of 8, or always the same 3 items?

These are the words I have right now as an example:[ Catch, Sears, Bloom, Tough, Please, Chose, Clear, Items]

Each level will need 7 participants making a total of 21 participants. But, I would like each level randomized so that someone who comes in will be in the level with the 3 items and the next person could either be in the 3 level or the 5 or 8 level.

For the first level I would just like to only show three words out of the possible 8. For right now I just made a setting so that when there is a “3” in the participant name it will show only the 3 items but I hope there is an easier way of doing this.

I hope I am being clear, if not please tell me and I will do my best to clarify!

Thanks again

Do you mean there are 3 variations of the experiment? In one version the participant will see few words, then in the second version more words, then a third version with all words?

If this is the case, I suggest using SuperLab’s Participant Groups feature, which is found under the Experiment menu. If you have separate sets of word lists segregated into different blocks, then Participant Groups will let you restrict which blocks run per group.


I apologize for the late response.

I had it wrong and my supervisor corrected me but my questions still remain! Basically, there are three varying levels but the participant should be exposed to all three. Each trial will be presented seven times making for a total of 21 presentations.

One part of the experiment is the presentation of words which come from a list of 112. I need to pull out three words, five words, and eight words. But the words cannot repeat. Is this doable? I’m sorry if I am not being clear or am being too specific. Thank you for your time!