v1.05 & cio-dio24 support pack: upgrade to pci- or usb-dio24?

I have an old dinosaur of a computer on which I am running
SuperLab v1.05 with SuperLab CIO-DIO24 Support Pack. The
computer has an old CIO-DIO24 board which is used to get triggers
from an external device.

The system has worked fine for years, but I wish to replace the
hardware before either the computer or the card fails. In the
immediate future, I need to be able to rerun the some of my old
experiments. Thus for now, I would prefer not to upgrade from
v1.05 unless the upgrade was fully backwards compatible with
the old experiment files.

My options seem to be:

  1. Find several old, working computers as backups.
  2. Buy a new computer (or just motherboard) with an ISA slot.
  3. Switch to a PCI or USB card in a newer computer I have lying around.

The third option is most attractive at the moment. Measurement
Computing claims that the PCI-DIO24 is “software compatible”
with the CIO-DIO24.

Is it possible to use a different card type with v1.05 or a functionally
equivalent upgrade of SuperLab? Would I need a new driver or
support pack?

You should download SuperLab 2.0 from our website. SuperLab 2.0 is backwards compatible with SuperLab 1.05. Both the CIO-DIO24 and PCI-DIO24 cards are compatible with SuperLab 2.0.

Thanks. I appreciate the support for customers with such old versions.