Using Video and Image Together in Single Event

I want to be able to allow participants to rate a video on a scale of 1-5 in parallel with a short video clip they’ll be watching. In order to do this, each slide must contain the jpg displaying what their options are (1- very much disagree … 5 - very much agree). Each slide must also have the video they are looking at when they are making their selection. It appears that Superlab only lets you upload one media file per slide. How can I allow my participants to see both things at the same time? Does Superlab allow you to use Powerpoint files with embedded videos and play buttons? If so, what file type should I save it as? If not, does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you. :confused:

You can display a video file and a picture simultaneously by following the instructions from the following thread:

I have also attached a small demo experiment displaying how this is done. I used a text event instead of picture file, however it is done in the same way. (1.55 MB)