Using the same key as correct answers for different events

I am trying to set it up so that I can use the number keys to act as a different response for different events. For example I am showing an image and the participant is asked to determine the facial expression, the intensity, and the confidence of their answer. I want to use the number keys to act as inputs for all 3 questions. However, because I coded the facial expressions under the ‘participant input’ sections first, when I view the data file the response for all 3 questions is a facial expression.

Is there any way to change this?

Less is more.

There’s probably some nifty way to use descriptive names in a context-dependent manner that I don’t know about, but what I do is to code numeric response keys extremely unimaginatively: “1” = “one”, “2” = “two”, and so on. Then when I specify which responses are correct for a given event, I select, say, “one” and “two”. That way, if the semantics of response “one” changes from event to event, I don’t have to deal with it until later on when I’m extracting the data from the logfiles for analysis.

Greg Shenaut