Using Superlab 5 with proEMG to collect facial EMG data


I am looking to conduct an experiment which will collect facial EMG data as its output. I was looking to use Superlab 5 to design the experiment, but also to send event markers in a similar way that it can via a Stimtracker to BioPac. I will not be using a Stimtracker as I have a National Instruments device, and the software I wish to send the data to is called “proEMG” (manufacturer’s site ). I was hoping someone could tell me whether or not this will work i.e., is Superlab compatible with this software?


James, “proEMG” is the software package. To know the answer, you should be looking at the hardware, or more precisely, whether it accepts external triggers.

Which hardware model do you have?

Hi, thanks for the quick response! We have a choice: I can either use a Myon proEMG (model: m320RX) into a Vicon device via analog connection, which is controlled using Vicon software, or I can use the same Myon device into a National Instruments card (NI- USB6210) directly into the computer, controlled by proEMG. Does this mean that Superlab is compatible?


Do you have a link to the m320RX hardware? I couldn’t find it on Motion Labs’ website.

Asking if “SuperLab is compatible” is the wrong question. SuperLab can produce event markers via StimTracker, National Instruments, and Measurement Computing devices. The question is how to get the computer that’s running SuperLab to physically connect to the Motion Labs’ hardware, which is why I wanted to see that hardware’s info on their site.

Alternatively, you can ask Motion Labs if (or which of) their devices accept external triggers. If none of them do, then you will need to use their analog inputs, and that gets messy.

Yeah sorry, meant to include it in the last post. Here it is:
So if, in the worst case scenario, motion lab’s hardware does not accept external triggers, if I was to purchase a StimTracker would I not run into any difficulties in getting Superlab and the StimTracker to “talk” (i.e. send event markers) to the software I am using to collect and treat the EMG data?
Sorry, I’m new to all this- probably should have included an ELI5 tag!

I looked at the specs for the myon product and I don’t see any way to have it accept external triggers. Interfacing StimTracker to this product will be tricky, but you may want to contact Motion Labs to verify my reading of that web page and/or ask them if they offer an equivalent product that accepts external triggers.

Thanks for your help so far. I have contacted motion labs and will inform you with any information I gain from them. In the meantime, I just wanted to confirm if Superlab is compatible with a National Instruments USB-6210 ( )? I could not find that particular model on the drop down of devices to receive digital outputs. We have an NI USB-6008 which we can use if need be, but that will require manually connecting the outputs which would be preferable to avoid.

Also, in the worst-case scenario that motion labs do not have an alternative, can you recommend/ do you sell any hardware that could perform this task? Just to clarify, I will purchase a copy of Superlab 5 to send the event markers via a national instruments USB-6210 (or USB-6008 if need be) to a computer running proEMG software to collect and analyse the data, and we are in the process of determining whether the electrode hardware can physically connect to the computer running Superlab. If it can, will everything run OK?

Thanks again for you help so far.

Quick update, my contact at Motion Labs says that the Myon system continuously feeds the ADC (National Instruments device) with EMG data, so it has no need for external triggers.
Does this mean it can be used?

Regarding the NI USB-6210, it has a lot of features, but SuperLab can use only the 4 bits of digital output, which the NI USB-6008 can already deliver. SuperLab will not be able to take advantage of the additional features on the USB-6210 like analog input and analog output. So in summary: no, SuperLab cannot read the ADC data (analog input) that the myon system delivers to the NI device.

I am more familiar with EEG than EMG. I suggest you try contacting Biopac or ADInstruments. If they don’t have what you need, they might be able to point you in the right direction.