Using stimulus lists or not?

Hello everyone!

I am trying to create my first experiments with Superlab5, and I am wondering whether I should/can use stimulus lists or not.

In one part of the experiment (=1 block), I want to present participants with a written and auditory stimulus simultaneously, along with two word-picture pairs (1 pair is congruent, 1 pair is not)

I have 60 trials (target trials and distractors trials). Each trial is linked to 6 events: 1 written stimulus, 1 audio stimulus, 1 correct picture, 1 correct word, 1 incorrect picture, 1 incorrect word.

I want all of these items in a specific order/place on the screen.
Should I then use lists or go ahead and create 6 events for each trial? (360 events!)

Thank you for your help!

Use stimulus lists whenever you can. It makes creating and maintaining experiments much simpler.