Using movies


Does anyone know how to get a participant response to stop a movie clip so the experiment can move onto the next trial? At the moment when a participant gives their response the movie clips continue to play until they have finished. It is only when they have finished that you can then move onto the next trial. I have tried to set the movie to end after ‘any response from the participant’ but it doens’t seem to be working. If anyone knows anything about this I would really appreciate any help,

Thanks alot

In the event editor, click “Movie Settings.” Then click the “Presentation Options” tab. Uncheck “Wait for movie to finish playing” and select “Stop movie at trial end” as the “Trial End Behavior.”

In the Input tab in the Event Editor, you do need to select “After any response from the participant.” Assuming the trial ends shortly thereafter, the movie will effectively end when the participant gives their response.

Hi Hank,

Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately that is the way I had the settings. The participants response is recorded when it’s like this but the movie still continues to play until it has finished. This means that the participant is viewing the entire clip (less than 3 seconds) and basing subsequent answers on the full amount of information given in each clip. Is there a way to stop the movie when they respond? Ideally when the participant provides a response it would move them onto the next event in the same way as superlab does for text and picture events.

Thanks again

Moving on to the next event and moving on to the next trial are two different things. If you are expecting to get more than one response in a trial after the movie starts playing (with the movie ending after the first response), then SuperLab 4.0.2 won’t do what you need (this feature is in the as-yet-unreleased 4.0.3). If the next event is actually in the next trial, then the above instructions will do what you need.

Apologies for mixing up trial and event. From the looks of it I did want to able to do what Superlab 4.0.2 can’t as yet do, but after reading your email I have seperated the ‘response’ events into seperate trials so now the movie is alone as an event and as you rightly said now finishes completely after a response. Thanks for all your help,