Using mouse to click on responses


I am trying to design a study where participants will view a picture and will then choose a response to how the picture made them feel, using a 9-point scale. We have conducted a study like this last semester using MediaLab, and now we want to do the same study with SuperLab. Specifically, we want the participant to use the mouse to click on the answer choices on the screen (i.e., “A, B, C, D”) rather than pressing the keys. Is this possible to do with Superlab or does this software only use key responses?

SuperLab can use many other input devices other then key responses, mouse response included. The following forum post has a sample experiment on how to set up your scale using mouse input:

Attachment is not opening

Hello. I’m sorry for replying so late, but thank you for your help. For some reason, however, I am trying to open the “NumLineMouse” experiment on Superlab but it is not opening. I think that experiment might have been saved on an older version of Superlab, or maybe the pdf file is corrupted. When I try to “Play” the experiment on Superlab, a message box pops up and informs me that the file could not be read. Would you happen to have another example by chance? Or should I change something on my Superlab software to view the experiment?

Please try the one attached here. (18.5 KB) (18.5 KB)

Hi. Sorry, this link is actually worse. When I open up the file and click on the Superlab experiment, the computer does not even respond. Clicking on the “number line” image or the “superlab” experiment does not do anything.

I’ve tested opening the experiment on a PC and a Mac with no problems. If you’re still having issues please contact tech support at (800) 233-7871.

Okay, thank you very much.