Using mean response time to calculate variable interval


We are planning an experiment and we would like to know if it can be implemented using SuperLab 4.5.

In this experiment, participants have to keep the space bar pressed until they see a shape that is presented on either the right or left side of the screen. Once the shape appears, participants have to release to space bar, touch the shape, and then press the space bar again. In this first phase, we need SuperLab to record the interval between releasing the space bar and pressing it again. I will call this the movement time to make it easier to explain the rest of the experiment.

In a second phase of the experiment, participants engage in the same task (releasing the space bar and touching a shape as soon as it appears on the screen) but this time, there will be an electrical shock administered to the participants’ shoulder. We need these shocks to be administered at a variable interval after participants release the space bar. I will explain this in more details. We need SuperLab to use the mean of movement time (recorded in the first phase). The eletrical shock (which would be delivered through digital output event) must be delivered during the first half of the movements to each of the visual cues (while participants are still making the reaching movement to the visual shapes in the screen) according to a random value that varies between the average movement time to each of the points divided by 2.5 and 1.5.