I am looking for information on how to do a recall task within superlab. The program is set up now so that participants rate words according to their relevence to a survival scenario. After a distractor task (done on paper) we would like the participants to be able to enter in as many words as they recall from the list that they recently rated. How is this possible on superlab? What is the easiest way? Even if superlab will not be able to deem some words right and others wrong, is it possible to create a text box that will appear on the data sheet with what was put into it?
I have to get this done soon so any help would be much much appreciated. Thankyou!!!


Yes, you can have SuperLab display an edit field where participants type the words that they can recall. To do so: click on the Experiment menu and select Participant Input. A dialog appears. Select the input Keyboard-String Input and select it. Then see the options in the Display and Response Completion tabs.