urgent: pattern key-pressing response

We are looking forward to your very urgent assistance regarding the following issue.

The experimental task we are creating is to press the number keys (1-3-4-2-3-1) sequentially on the response box, trying to complete it as close to the time goal (2500ms) as possible.
As soon as the task goal “1-3-4-2-3-1” and “2500ms” is presented on the screen, participant begins response by pressing the corresponding keys. Upon pressing the sixth key (no matter it’s correct or incorrect), we want the screen to move on to the next event (fixation cross for 3000ms), saving the elapsed time of the response. How can I do this?
During this event, participants cannot see on the screen what numbers they actually press, with the screen only showing “1-3-4-2-3-1” and “2500ms” until response finishes. (a file attached)

Please also assist us with identifying the RB840 (response box we purchased) at the setting option of Superlab5. We can’t find it.

Thank you.


Try out the attached experiment.

In Participant Input:

  • select String Input and limit the maximum characters to 6
  • set the response to complete once max characters are reached
  • disable the enter key
  • move the response box off-screen
  • create a response that matches the sequence of numbers in your image

Then, set the correct answer of your image events to the string responses that you create.

You can find the response box options near the bottom of the input device list in Participant Input.

keyPressSequence.zip (10.5 KB)

following up

Thank you so much, Arman!

I have some further questions.

First, after participants’ response, the next event will ask whether they want feedback.
If they want, they press key 1, and the next event will present the result of previous performance (if the key pattern was pressed correctly and how much timing error they made) for 3000ms, followed by “done” for 3000ms. If they don’t want feedback, they press key 4, and the next event shows “done” for 6000ms (plz refer to attachment “case 1”).
The problem is on the “Keyboard, String Input”, this “yes(key1)” and “no(key4)” condition conflicts with the response completion setting for the previous response event “134231.” I don’t know how to save these two different response settings properly. (plz refer to attachment “experiment 4”, which I was working on).

Additionally, How can I present the two pieces of feedback information (correct or incorrect, and timing error in milliseconds) at the same time as resented for example in my attachment “case 1”?

Last but least, in the “Select Input Devise” section, available RB options are RB-420, 410, 400, 620, 610, 600, 520, 820, as earlier models, and RB-530, 730, 830, 834 as RB-x30 series. And we have RB-840 model. Is it compatible with any of those?

Thank you so much for your support, and I will look forward to your prompt answer.

experiment 4.sl5 (6.64 KB)

case1.sl5 (4.59 KB)

Activate Keyboard - Single Keys as an input device. To prevent conflicts, set string input to look for responses only if an event designates a string input response as correct.

To present feedback information, you need to first store them in parameters. I would suggest using a text parameter for correctness and a timer. Use event feedback to set the params; e.g. if the response is correct, set text parameter as “Correct”. Then, in the text event that displays the info, present the values by typing $(Parameter Name).

As for the response box, please try the device setting for newer models.

Thank you for your answer.
I tried to build it as you suggested, however, it still doesn’t work well.

First, I do not know how to present corrent/incorrect as a result of key-pressing performance.

Second, the timer recording and presenting the response time doesn’t work.

Another problem is these two pieces of information should be the feedback not from the previous event (chooing whether to see feedback or not), but from previous previous event (pressing keys 1-3-4-2-3-1 with time goal of 2500ms), as the trial flows like this: goal and response -> choice of feedback -> feedback

How can an event present feedback resulting from a response which occured several events before?

For your understanding, I am attaching the draft file I have been working on.

experiment 8.sl5 (8.29 KB)

Take a look at the attached experiment. I am using a bare-bones example.

First, see how I am starting the timer for the key sequence before the trial event (in Instructions). Also, see that when the participant responds, it sets a text parameter as either “correct” or “incorrect” as well as pauses the timer.

In the next trial, participant is prompted for feedback. The only allowable responses are 1 or 2. If 1 is pressed, then the feedback event is presented with correctness and timing information.

keyPressSequence2.zip (11.1 KB)