Urgent: Deactivating the seats for my current licensing


I tried to email this inquiry to a staff but was not able to get the response in a timely manner. So, instead, I posted my inquiry here. Hopefully, I will be able to get some help.

I purchased Superlab 4 (for Mac) when it just came out and I installed it on my office computer (iMac) and my home computer (Macbook Pro). A few weeks ago, I had to run/design an experiment using Chinese stimuli. I found out that Superlab for Mac does not allow me to present the Chinese characters correctly but that Superlab for PC allows me to do that.

So, I asked my research assistant to download Superlab onto my lab PC; my assistant told me that she experienced some hardware issue before she attempted to activate Superlab. She therefore attempted to install Superlab on another lab PC (SONY laptop). However, due to the incorrect date/time setup of the second PC, I have not been able to use Superlab on that (second) PC; I kept getting the message telling me that there are not any seats available for my purchased license.

I was wondering if there is a way to deactivate all the computers (so that I can clean this mess). I am not able to deactivate the computer using the options in Superlab 4.5. I need to run the experiment soon and I need to get help right away. Thanks very much to everyone who can help me with this license issue.

Problem solved

I found that I was able to successfully present the Chinese characters when I chose HeiTi SC as the default font and hence was able to use the mac version of Superlab to conduct my experiment. So, problem solved.

And, later on, the support staff probably helped me with my PC licensing problem. I was able to use Superlab on my lap PC. Thanks very much for the help.

Thank you for posting your update.