URGENT: conditional feedback/multiple responses

I’ve been trying to set up an experiment in which participants are required to give different responses to the same stimulus before they are presented with a new stimulus from a stimulus list. The task is a combination of the picture naming and TOT (tip-of the tongue) tasks in which participants not only need to name the stimulus, but also provide additional information about their response depending on what that was (sort of like conditional feedback). . Originally, I was trying to make the participants give me one of 3 responses (‘name the stimulus presented’ OR ‘I don’t know’ OR ‘I’m in a TOT state’), after which they would receive a different type of feedback. I’m aware that superlab can only give feedback based two responses – correct or incorrect – so I’ve been trying to get around that problem with a new design which I explain next. If anybody has any suggestions to help me out, I will be most appreciative. I’m way way past my deadline on this and getting completely freaked out about it (but aren’t we all!   ).
So here is what I’m trying to get SuperLab to do.

Step 1: The participant is presented a stimulus, e.g. the picture of a house. His task is to name the picture he sees. At this point he has 2 options:

(i) name the picture + press the button “next” in the button box
(ii) press the button “no response” in the button box (if he doesn’t know the answer or is in a TOT state – the answer is at the tip of his tongue but he can’t name it)

Step 2:
(option a) If the participant chooses option (i) above, he receives a confirmation question “did you say ‘house’?”, to which he must answer by pressing either the “yes” or “no” buttons in the button box. Both these options should lead to the presentation of a new stimulus (and the previous stimulus should be taken out of the deck/not presented again – I’ve been having problems with this when working with multiple stimulus lists when randomizing at the block level).

(option b) If the participant chooses option (ii), above he is presented with a screen displaying two options
“I don’t know” “TOT”

At this point, the participant is asked to press either the button “I don’t know” or the button “TOT” in the button box

[COMMENT: my original design gave participants 3 options at step 1 (name, don’t know, tot). I have split it this way (name, no response; then: I don’t know, TOT) to get around the 2-response restriction, this way there is a single correct response and a single incorrect response at step 1, then again at step 2, which allows me to use the feedback feature. If there is a better way to do this, please recommend]

Step 3:
(option a) If the participant pressed the button “I don’t know”, he is presented with a new stimulus (and, again, the stimulus to which he has already responded should not be presented again).

(option b) If the participant presses the button “TOT”, he is asked a question -- “were you thinking of ‘house’?”-- to which he can answer either “yes” or “no” by pressing the corresponding button in the button box. Either response should lead to the presentation of a new stimulus

English is not my first language so I hope I have made myself clear. I really hope someone out there understands what I’m trying to do and can help me with this in whatever way (e.g. suggesting a set of feature, scripts, a similar design that’s already out there and I couldn’t find, etc).

Thank you so much in advance and my apologies for the length of the questions.


Hi Nattalia,

This might take a very long time to handle on the forums. I can help you with this experiment over the phone. Send me a private message to arrange for a time as soon as possible before the Thanksgiving holiday.