unknown error

Hello, I am having a small problem with instructions in my experiment. I have an instruction block/trial/event set up. The event is a text event. When I run the experiment and the instructions come up, after a few seconds, a white rectangle will ‘appear’ and block most of the text. Do you know what might cause this? I have a paper version of the instructions so it’s not a big problem but I would like to figure out what is wrong.



I will contact you via private message regarding your issue.

Same problem

I am experiencing this same problem on Windows 7 machines (not Macs). A solution would be appreciated.

This is in fact a bug in SuperLab that does not happen very often. We do have a few workarounds to hopefully get rid of the white box. The first one we suggest it Disable “Windows 7 Aero” (another name for this could be “Apply the Windows 7 Basic theme”).

Here are two relevant resources:



Another Suggestion:

To stop getting the WHITE BOX during a running experiment, you should make sure no windows are open on your desktop.

  1. Shutting down running applications can help the problem. However, the SuperLab window itself is a problem, and you can’t shut down SuperLab. If you have a windows folder open, you need to minimize or close it.

  2. If you cannot shut things down, then minimize the windows.

  3. We need to try and get the SuperLab window itself out of the way. You should move the SuperLab window down until it is almost off-screen, but still allowing you to hit the RUN button.

Please let me know which option worked for you.

I used to have a problem like this on Superlab 2, so it’s a pity it’s still around. I’ve just asked the student I’m working with to try moving the Superlab box (Superlab 4.5 on Windows 7) as suggested above. I thought it was a different issue because my experiment has an event with a similarly sized white rectangle used to blank out the stimuli and feedback in between trials.

These are indeed different issues. On SuperLab 2, this happened when Microsoft one day introduced a “hot fix” for Windows XP. We started getting bug reports about the white box within a week (vs. never before). The problem went away when Microsoft followed it with another hot fix.

The issue with the white box on Windows Vista and 7 seems related to Aero, Microsoft’s graphic effects tool. Fortunately, it is possible to disable Aero. BTW, Aero is gone in Windows 8.