Unexpected crashes

I am running Superlab 4.0.5 on a Mac and I continue have to deal with unexpected crashes.

One I have been able to reproduce, it is when I open my experiment and want to delete a code from a trial. I delete the code, click on “done” and Superlab doesn’t fail to crash. I have set up an experiment with 4 blocks, 4 trialgroups and 5 eventgroups, the code that I deleted was linked to certain events and macro’s but none of those macro’s was in use. I haven’t got exactly 13 events in each group and there’s no logical reason to me why the program should crash. I’ve experienced it with other operations as well. Today it has crashed on me about a dozen of times already. I’ve attached the version of the experiment that crashes on deleting the code “presented”, the stimuli were 4 simple word lists of 24 words each.

WONON_grouped.sl4 (15.5 KB)

I followed your steps with SuperLab 4.0.5 on an Intel Mac Pro running 10.5.1, and it did not crash. What version of OS X are you running? Is it PPC or Intel?

Try reinstalling SuperLab. If that fixes it, you may want to check your RAM and/or hard drive (note that if it’s either of those, you’d likely have other programs crashing too).

I’m running 10.4.9 on an Intel. I had just freshly installed Superlab the day before. And I don’t have any other programs crashing. However if you can’t replicate the problem I suppose it is my system and/or installation